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Marvel Chart Under Construction!
Values & Trends Coming Soon!

Chart Updated: Under Construction
* Trends & Values Updated

Click "arrow" below in the CURRENT VALUE column to navigate Highest Price First,

Lowest Price First.

*Current values are estimated via averaging recent final sales data collected from a pool of current ebay listings from reputable dealers and sellers throughout the world. This chart does not include averages from items that are incomplete, without the art box or with any damage mentioned whatsoever. They do include items without the original brown cardboard shipping box. They also include used/opened items, but in excellent condition without listed flaws or defects. The chart collects data for items sold by both US and International Dealers and Sellers. This Chart only includes items that are currently released/shipping from Sideshow. If the item is released in Hong Kong, it will not be included in this chart until Sideshow starts fulfilling preorders.

*Values do not include shipping and taxes. 

Please keep in mind that resale values only reflect ebay trends. You can many times find all of these Hot Toys figures for less on reputable Buy/Sell Groups on Facebook, or even comic shops that have over stock. IE: You probably won't pick-up an animated Fett for less than $600 on ebay. However, they can go for $500 on some Buy/Sell Groups. Another example is Han & Chewbacca ANH 2-pack: you probably can pick that set up on Buy/Sell Groups between $650 to $750, but on ebay the set almost always sells for more.

*Dark Jedi Aries' Hot Toys Cantina is a labor-of-love, and is not an exact science for Star Wars aftermarket Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Action Figures. We do the best that we can in trying to investigate current market trends on ebay to provide collectors with a solid base for determining resale value for their Star Wars Hot Toys. We have taken, and take a lot of time to collect data from a vast array of sold listings to provide a real sense of what Star Wars Hot Toys are selling for in the open market throughout the world.

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